Social Emotions: Insecurity

Don’t pretend you’re rich

Strange as it sounds, millions of adults go broke to try to convince everyone else that they have lots of money. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. The true irony is that many of these adults go broke—or spend themselves into debt—to impress friends who are also pretending that they have more than they do.


You can save $112,000 over a lifetime by bringing your lunch to work.

Response to peer pressure

The reason people pretend is really all about peer pressure.

We know that peer pressure is powerful and can sometimes be too much to fight. If everyone you know has X, you’re going to feel enormous pressure to have X too.

Even adults feel this pressure and sometimes make poor choices because of it.


If you feel guilty about having too much money, what should you do?

If you feel guilty about having too much money, you can review your giving plan and see where you might want to give more of your money.

Pretend the opposite!

Many people use this clever strategy to dodge peer pressure and save money. You’ll catch them saying:

  • “Oh that new phone is so cool, but I’m eligible for a free upgrade in like four months.”
  • “Wow, this new iPod is awesome. I’ll save up for it.”

Or they’ll simply say:

  • “I can’t really afford that right now.” Even when they can.

The truth is, being poor is much worse than other people thinking you’re poor. And you’ll know the truth… that your financial responsibility will let you afford the things you really want.

Be yourself

Your best bet is just to be yourself. Never spend money to create an appearance.

Spend it to enjoy your life!


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